A reader from Sarasota asks:

“We have been in business for over 10 years. It’s a family business with my son in it, and I’d like to bring my adult daughter into the business. However, sales growth has stalled for the last two years, and there’s barely enough to pay my son, our three employees and myself a salary. How do we break through a sales plateau and get to the next level, so I can provide a future for my daughter, also?”

  –  Marcia from Sarasota, Florida

Ah, the dreaded sales plateau. It’s like you’ve hit a ceiling. Pushing through is hard — but you can do it.

While the barrier to sales growth may seem impenetrable, recognize that stalled sales are an utterly normal occurrence.  Many small businesses and family businesses encounter sales plateaus at multiple times in their history.

Applying determination and a plan, even