Good online reputation is a critical success factor for your business because your online reputation influences your customers’ minds.

A whopping 90% of online shoppers have chosen not to buy from a company because of its bad reputation, according to research conducted by Trustpilot.

Small business owners often struggle to build a large customer base as they don’t have a big marketing budget to sway customers. Being perceived as unreliable or unfair can make it more difficult for small business owners to grow their customer base.

Need for Good Online Reputation

It takes time to build a brand. At the initial stage, your small business might not be a popular name in your industry.

When prospects or customers don’t know about your business, they try to find information about you.

In fact, 60% of online shoppers perform a search for the company when they are unfamiliar with it. What’s

How’d you like to have 15.8 million people subscribe to your content? What does it take to get that kind of massive, enthusiastic engagement?

For many, it sounds like a pipe dream. But for TED, the global conference and media organization, superlative engagement is reality. Nearly every video that TED releases gets hundreds of thousands of views. And they all go viral on social media.

Now, what could the success of a massive media group teach a small business owner? As it turns out, quite a bit. For example,TED offers an exceptional example of content marketing. As a result, even small businesses with limited resources will benefit from following TED’s example.

Quality + Quantity

TED’s videos cover a range of topics. They range from politics and business to biology, culture, and understanding the universe. And every piece of content is based on a single credo. that is creating “ideas

By Chintan Bhatt 

Being a business leader, you must already be aware of the significance of building an outstanding user experience. Offering useful features and benefits to your users is all well and good, but a stellar UX is what separates your business as a memorable brand among a sea of similar so-so businesses.

While you can hire one or two full-time UX designers to take care of the UX aspect of your startup or small business, there is plenty in favor of outsourcing it to a dedicated UX design agency. For starters, an extended UX Team brings a battle-tested UX methodology to the table. They bridge the gap between your users and the product and help avoid silly design mistakes and costly blunders.

Furthermore, an external company that is dedicated to providing you with constructive criticism and insights on how you can make things better for the end-user