What is scarcity marketing? Basically, it’s the tactic of increasing demand for a particular product or service based on the idea that the item is rare or difficult to obtain.

Why does this work? Customers tend to place a higher value on items that feel more exclusive or unique. A customer will probably pay more for an item that is one-of-a-kind than they will for something that everyone else already owns.

Scarcity Marketing Ideas

So how do you make the most of this concept? Here are some of the most powerful scarcity marketing techniques you can use to increase demand and make more sales for your small business.

Display Product Availability

Once your stock levels start getting a bit low, let your customers know by telling them exactly how many items are still available. If they see that there are only three left in stock, it will likely create

CRM software simply means customer relationship management. And any sized business can use them. Popular ones used by SMB’s include Salesforce Essentials and Keap — formerly Infusionsoft.

Why use a CRM?

A CRM collects info from existing customers or new leads. It places them into an easy interface. Fast access to your own notes on an account helps you retain clients. Because you appear organized and attentive. CRM promises it’ll give your human memory an irreplaceable crutch.

Are CRMs Easy to Use?

No two CRMs work the same. Strong opinions about the best platform abound. In a fiery rant, CRM industry-watcher Scott Marker says CRM is a 36 billion dollar industry. But says most end users actually hate using the product. Marker contends most CRMs remain user-unfriendly. Most use platforms. This implies they’re external.

Small Business Trends spoke with Dennis Fois and Kira Lenke of Copper. They describe

By Austin Rowlands

It might be tempting to think that once you have booked your exhibition space you can just relax until show day and the rest will take care of itself. But, of course, a business can’t expect to turn up at an exhibition show without having done any publicity to promote the event. As any business that has exhibited before can testify, your marketing campaign begins long before the day your show opens.

Why is pre-show marketing important? According to Trade Shows Network, over 70% of attendees arrive at an exhibition or trade show with a
fixed list of the exhibition stands they intend to visit. If you don’t engage
in an effective pre-exhibition marketing strategy you could well miss out on a
lot of potential leads, because attendees won’t know you are there.

The exhibition show organizer’s job might be to get plenty of attendees to