Driven by the rise of smartphones and growing internet penetration, the burgeoning middle class in Asia is making more eCommerce purchases than ever. The 2016 and 2017 Google-Temasek reports projected a US$200 billion internet economy in the region by 2025. The 2018 report, however, placed that number even higher, at US$240 billion — an increase of 20%.

Asia boasts some of the most eager shoppers in the world. They’ll buy everything from household products and makeup to bags and tools online. But at the same time, many have experienced the frustration of unreliable shipping. 

Even in Singapore, one of the world’s most advanced cities, last-mile fulfilment tends to challenge online retailers most. Customers must set aside a specific block of time to physically receive their package, delivery is late, or they must pick up their package at a nearby post office. Traditional logistics offer customers zero transparency and peace

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Many of us have dared to imagine one day becoming our own boss. Starting a business has long been a great Australian dream and what better way to honour the enterprising Aussie spirit than by launching something that is your own. 

I am proud to introduce what we believe is the most comprehensive demographic studies of our small businesses ever made. Our aim is to back the dreamers and the doers by giving them concrete information about where the opportunities are and where the challenges may lie in starting out on their own. 

Of course, this dream isn’t without its challenges. As we start a new decade our thoughts usually turn to renewal and optimism. Instead, many small businesses are facing unprecedented challenges caused by drought, flood, bushfire and now disease. While the data used in the report precedes the very