By Ben Chandler, Principal, Strategy1, Tasmania

Welcome to Partner Pages: a magazine made up of stories from the Xero Partner community, for the Xero partner community and shared as part of Roadshow Australia each year.

Accountant Ben Chandler left sunny Queensland for the brisk, cool climate of Tasmania nearly ten years ago. But it wasn’t just a change of scenery that he discovered upon his arrival. Following a visit to his local Xero roadshow, Ben was introduced to the wonders of cloud-based accounting and the Xero app ecosystem, both of which entirely transformed the way he did business.

Today, Ben’s advisory-based practice has grown from strength to strength and stands as a guide for those looking to expand beyond the boundaries of compliance. Now, he’s ready to share all that he’s learned about making the leap and finding the advisory sweet spot.

Selling advisory means selling change. And, as humans,