Becoming a freelancer is a big step in anyone’s life. It means setting up your own micro business, finding the ideal customers and learning to make money from your own skills and services. But if you get it right, going freelance really can change your life for the better.

Steve Ash, freelancer and content consultant at CommsBreakdown, is the author of ‘Going Freelance: Building Work Around Your Life’. In this guest blog, he gives the lowdown on his freelance life and how cloud tech has created a new way to make a career.

Getting in control of your life and career

I’ve been a freelancer for nearly six years now – and it’s a change in career that I’ve never regretted. For me, being a self-employed ‘solopreneur’ has certainly been life-changing. It’s a way of working, using your skills and making a living that’s becoming increasingly popular. 


By Anne-Marie Swinburne, Founder, The Outsourced Office, Victoria

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Many small business owners have no choice but to act as manager, receptionist and admin person, often all at the same time. Bookkeeper Anne-Marie Swinburne knew that if she could  outsource the bookkeeping and administrative tasks, they could get back to focusing on the all-important job of growing their business. 

So she founded The Outsourced Office. From reinventing the traditional practice model to managing rapid growth and discovering that bookkeepers and accountants are better together, this is how she did it.

People don’t go into business to take care of the bookkeeping – except for bookkeepers, that is. But budget and time constraints mean they’re often left juggling everything from balancing the books