2007-2008 NYK average points per game:  96.9

21st in the NBA


2008-2009 NYK average points per game: 105.7

1st in the NBA


2007-2008 NYK number of games scored over 120 points in regulation:  1

0-1 record in those games (vs. Indiana in the 82nd and final game of the season)


2008-200 NYK number of games scored over 120 points in regulation:  2

2-0 record in those games (through 10 games so far)


2007-2008 NYK games in which they topped 110 points during regulation:  7

82 possible games (8.5%)


2008-200 NYK number of games in which they topped 110 points during regulation:  5

10 possible games (50.0%)


2007-2008 NYK number of quarters in which they topped 30 points:  46

328 possible quarters (14.0%)


2008-200 NYK number of quarters in which they topped 30 points:  12

40 possible quarters (30.0%)


2007-2008 NYK quarters in which they scored 22 or less points:  129

328 possible quarters (39.3%). 

Bonus non-stat: Almost all games in which the Knicks scored 30 or more points in a quarter they also offset it with at least one “22 or less” quarter.


2008-2009 NYK number of quarters in which they scored 22 or less points  9

40 possible games (22.5%)


If Shawty = 10.0

Proper response: You should tip her.

Shawty is actually more of a seven and a half, maybe an eight.












Take a chance on me:

2007-2008 NYK games in which they had at least 23 assists as a team:  13

82 possible games (15.9%).


Top games: 29 vs the Milwaukee (OT game), and 28 vs. the Chicago Bulls.

Undeniably true: Only had 7 assists in a game against the Lakers last season. 


2008-2009 NYK games in which they have had at least 23 assists as a team:  5

10 possible games (50%).


Top games: 36 vs. Washington, and 30 vs. Dallas.  Both are higher than last season’s “high”.


2008-2009 NYK possible All-Stars?  2


Jamal seems like such a nice guy, doesn't he?







The Zach attack has risen, bringing flava to ya ear like Craig Mack.







Possible Coach of the Year (if the Knicks finish at or above .500):

What is that, the Forrest Gump award?!?


Possible speech upon winning award: "Y'all thought I was an idiot for taking the money in New York over the Bulls job.  Well, if I had taken the Bulls job, all the credit would have gone to Derrick Rose, and the young talent, and nobody would have handed me an award, even if they had won 55 games.  In New York, on the other hand, I look like a genius for winning 40 games at the NBA's version of Chenobyl!  Crown me, media schlubs.  You can put me in your Hall of Fame now."


My favorite alternative colour: BLUE, no wait... PURPLE.


Undeniably true: Current Leading 6th Man of the Year Candidate:

What is going on in this photo?  It's like a Caravaggio painting or something... 
































Number of months that weird kid singing "Su-su-studio" was on the front page of SML.com: 4


We back.  Maybe.


Possible Most Improved Player:  Generally tends to be a second-year or third-year player who makes “the leap” (see Monta Ellis, Boris Diaw, Zach Randolph, or Gilbert Arenas for recent examples): 

Will the Thrill, per Alan Hahn of Newsday.
























Not the architect:

We like Donnie.





















Unless you think that drafting a 19-year version of 35-year old Peja Stojakovic and picking up Chris Duhon (a lovely point guard, but still a second stringer on most teams) is the reason for the Knicks marked improvement.


Knicks scoring average in April 2008: 107.33


Not available or playing that month: Stephon Marbury & Eddy Curry


In the starting lineup that month: Wilson Chandler 


Must have been paying attention: Mike D'Antoni.


Finally, from 82games:


The Knicks shot an eFG% of 54.5% when they shoot 0-10 seconds into the shotclock.


Welcome to the most exciting possibly .500 team in the NBA.

Leave a comment

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[November 18, 2008 12:55 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Brian said

Welcome back. Chandler and Spencer Hawes are in the running for best fantasy hoops waiver wire pickup so far.

The Knicks have been impressive. Most impressive thing Dantoni has done is tell "Steph" to take a seat and STFU.

[November 18, 2008 1:04 PM]  |  link  |  reply
stopmikelupica said

Thanks Brian. Double props to D'Antoni for saying the same thing to Curry, too.

OJ Mayo, as a fantasy waiver pickup, has been fantastic, too.

[November 19, 2008 6:59 PM]  |  link  |  reply
JJ said

Welcome back! I missed your writing.

I usually don't start watching the Sixers until the turkey is served (and because they traditionally suck their first dozen games of the season). But I am curious what you think of the new look Knicks and Starbury being benched. And has Eddie Curry eaten his way out of town yet?

[November 20, 2008 12:07 AM]  |  link  |  reply
stopmikelupica said

Thanks JJ! That means a lot to me.

I will have some thought soon on both the Sixers (who look like they are meshing now) and the Knicks. But quick answer: great decision so far by D'Antoni. Can't argue with the results, even if the Starbury decision is odd (seriously, who plays Mardy Collins ahead of Starbury?!). But the effect on the team is clearly evident - everyone is doing what the coach asked. Which is easy, since he doesn't ask you to, you know, play defense. He just ask that you keep the ball moving.

The assist totals so far, compared to last season, are the biggest sign of the effect of D'Antoni so far.

More on this soon.

[August 11, 2009 9:07 AM]  |  link  |  reply
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Spring Training 08

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