• I was watching the Mets home opener against the Phillies yesterday afternoon.  At one point the SNY crew found Governer Patterson sitting in field-level seats, watching listening to the game, and asked him "What's the most surprising thing about being governor?".  His response?  With a bit of that Patterson humor he has, he said: "Well, just being the governor has been the most surprising thing!"

  • The Utah Jazz look pretty unstoppable right now in the Western Conference.  They beat the Spurs earlier this week, and Deron Williams is the only guard in the league that can absolutely lock up Chris Paul.  I don't know if he can do it for a seven-game series, but I do think there is no team the Hornets want to avoid more than the Jazz.  I would currently rank the Western Conference, in order of chances of winning, as such: Jazz, Hornets, Spurs, Suns, Lakers.

  • Chris B. Young of the Arizona Diamondbacks is my favorite fantasy baseball player right now.  After hitting  .237 last year as a rookie, with 32 homers and 27 stolen bases, plus only 68 RBI's (and 85 runs), he's got four home runs so far this season.  With 2 SBs, 6 RBIs, and a .212 batting average.  On the plus side, he's also got 8 BBs to go with 12 Ks and 9 runs.  He might be producing one of the all-time great stats lines ever this year: a 40/40 season (30/30 seems very much in reach), with a .220 BA and a Mark Bellhorn-like 100 BB/150 K line.  Oh, and probably 100 Runs, but only about 70 RBIs. 

  • Nothing connected to above, but I also have Chris Young from San Diego (the 6'10 pitcher) on my fantasy team, and am trying really hard to get Delmon Young, so I can claim to have the Young-est fantasy team ever.
  • Found this on Flickr yesterday: It's the NYC Subway Map for White People:

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Impressively AccurateFor a larger version, click here.

It's pretty accurate, if you limit it to pretty much the hipster/gentrifyers (new crowd).  The only stop in the Bronx is Yankee Stadium - take it from someone who rode 4-train to the ends of the earth for four years... white people live in the Bronx, but not new white people - they are rare up there.  Queens is pretty much Astoria and Forest Hills (and JFK).  Brooklyn is Coney Island, the Greenpoint/Williamsburgh portion of North Brooklyn, and the area I like to call "New Hoboken" (the Prospect Park, Park Slope area up to Downtown and DUMBO). 

Manhattan doesn't extend past 86th Street.  As someone who lived uptown in East Harlem for four years - yep, very accurate. 

Now the update:  White people have started expanding Uptown, on the west side of course (no touching "real" Harlem, or East Harlem), past Columbia, into the Heights and Inwood.  I guess New Hoboken was too pricey, so we can rename the Heights "New Jersey City".  Or perhaps "South Westchester".  I don't know....



[April 9, 2008 2:34 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Diallo said

Jazz favorites in the West? They're gonna somehow luck into having home court advantage in three straight series? lol

[April 9, 2008 2:49 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Jon said

As a white person living in Inwood, I`m DEEPLY offended (sarcasm).

[April 9, 2008 4:23 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Canadian DJM said

White. Central Harlem. Recognize.

[April 9, 2008 8:56 PM]  |  link  |  reply
TheLastPoet said

I hate to say it but whitefolk are spreading Uptown like cockroaches man - except these are the extremely rare kinds of roaches that actually drive up the propety values. Back inna day Blackfolk could find some decent square footage in the hood for seven to eight hundred a month. Just layin in the cut.


Whitefolk have come, bringin with em their willingness to pay two to three grand a month to live in a muhkuckin closet (albeit a closet with all the latest amenities).

I can't stand it. And they have the nerve to look alil offended when don't hold the elevator for their gentrified asses. I don't even like the improved sanitation services, which you whitefolk have no doubt demanded. That just makes the traffic cops more vigilant: issuing more tickets to clear the street so the sweeper can come blow the garbage from the curb onto the goddamn sidewalk. Further, it used ta be that the cops just spent their time tryna chase young brothas off the corner. It was like a game: cop comes on like a blowhard, young bros pretend to be scared and go home, cop goes away, young bros come right back to the spot, all is well. But now the ho-lice are actually tryna "serve and protect" all the new white people moving in. Shit man, it's just increasing the muhfuckin tension level all throughought the hood.

Look, I understand that yall whitefolk want your island back (the one your great great grandpappy stole from the Indians), but damn take some of that rent money and go buy a clue...

[April 10, 2008 6:49 AM]  |  link  |  reply
Srivaths replied to TheLastPoet

Classic. You can say the same things, with a few words twisted here and there about London, Istanbul and of late several cities in India.

[April 10, 2008 9:43 AM]  |  link  |  reply
GreekProf said


the 'guess-what-stop-[random whitey]-is-getting off-at' game was always easiest to play on north-bound irt and ind trains in manhattan.

i was telling my girl a while back that the city is overdue for a good riot, crime spree or serial killer -- which would bring ancillary housing benefits to the non-gentrifying set.

to wit, when i see corny shit like bubble-blowing contests and pillow fights in union square i long for the days when that park was populated by bikers, rastas, and random hoodlums while people who worked evenings in the area would speedwalk to the train to avoid getting jacked.

today's buppies, bohos, hipsters and scenesters are even less tolerable to me than their odious yuppie antecedents.

sorry for the non-sports rant sml.

isiah still sucks =P

[April 12, 2008 4:46 PM]  |  link  |  reply
mcbias said

SML, random comment--have you paid attention to how the addition of Giricek may be helping the Suns? I didn't notice this before now. But he's giving them a decent number of points, his shooting percentage is great (49.6% through 20 games), and I think he really helps their rotation. Forget Shaq, ha, Giricek may be the reason the Suns are a respectable 13-7 since he joined.

Also, Cassell's addition to the Celtics is also huge--we should do a wrap-up post sometime on how these quiet late-season additions have strengthed play-off contenders.

[April 13, 2008 6:32 PM]  |  link  |  reply
DominicanBusinessman said

Re: GreekProf -
We are way over due for a race riot. Haven't had one since the Heights went up in '96, no? We may be in for one if Queens folks step up to the plate for the 50 Shots. But I doubt it.

As for the trains, I always get a seat on the 4 train the latest by 86th street. Just gotta stand in front of random white person and let NYCs racial and economic lines do their thang. (Personally, I prefer the folks who get off at grand central personally, they get off earlier and generally look like the inspector from the pink panther).

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