According to IRC Sales Solutions, only 2% of sales are made during the first point of contact. This means businesses stand to lose potentially 98% of their sales leads if they do not follow up.

The success of any sales rests on how well we seal deals. Success in sales means increasing the number of signups with both new and old customers thus positively affecting the business’ bottom line. The key to this is a strong follow-up plan to get prospects on board. 

As the number of follow up on sales leads increase, so do the chances of a successful sale according to IRC Sales Solution. As such, only 3% of prospects will sign up on the second contact and 5% will say yes on the third try. Surprisingly enough, 80% will buy-in into the sales pitch after the fifth or twelfth contact. This highlights the importance of f

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Perspective and resilience

When you can’t change the conditions, you can still change your mindset. In this episode, motivational coach and mentor Ben Crowe explained the importance of perspective and resilience in our own personal search for happiness and confidence. 

Popular App Stack for Practice Success

Catch this episode to hear about popular apps that advisors can use to transform their practices and add even more value to their client services. Our EGM of Ecosystem, Nick Houldsworth, also outlined the features of the Xero app marketplace that help you find the

This article first featured in: Rebuilding Australia: the role of small business. This report uncovers the impact of COVID-19 on different industries across the country. For more insights and help for small businesses, check out our Behind Small Business page.

With lockdowns threatening the viability of Game Enough’s shop and catering arm, the Indigenous Australian business responded quickly. They built an online store and developed new product lines to suit the evolving conditions. 

Bush to bowl

COVID-19 delivered a crushing blow to the hospitality sector, with restaurants closed and events cancelled. Brisbane-based native food supplier, Game Enough, was gearing up for a busy event season when the pandemic struck. 

“From March to July, there’s Harmony Day, Reconciliation Week, Queensland Small Business Month and NAIDOC Week. This year, we had nothing to cater for. The catering sector stopped overnight,” explains Carol Vale, co-owner of Game Enough.

Growing up on

It was a big first day on Xero On Air, with thousands of our community members tuning in to see our CEO, Steve Vamos, open our first global customer series. After months of work and excitement, our teams are thrilled to be sharing Xero On Air with you. We’ve created these episodes to connect and share with our community, and we hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we’ve enjoyed filming them.

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Welcome to Xero On Air: Now, New, Next

Begin your Xero On Air experience with this must-see opening episode. Xero CEO, Steve Vamos, highlighted why connecting and sharing is more important than ever before, and drew on the lessons he’s learned from 40 years

Our first letter in this series is from James Boston, Co-Founder of Paperlust and Xero customer, who shares how changes to the Export Marketing Development Grant have the potential to help small businesses grow their export market and boost the Australian economy.

Small businesses have been disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Data from Xero Small Business Insights tells us employment in small businesses across Australia was hit twice as hard as businesses overall.

As we turn our attention to the nation’s economic rebuild, all eyes will be on the upcoming Federal Budget on October 6. Will it recognise the integral role Australian’s small businesses will play in the road to recovery?

In this series, ‘An open letter from small business to the Treasurer’ – and its complementary Xero on Air episode – we call on small business owners to identify key areas of additional support that they believe

This article first featured in: Rebuilding Australia: the role of small business. This report uncovers the impact of COVID-19 on different industries across the country. For more insights and help for small businesses check out our Behind Small Business page.

Karyn and Megan of Unstoppable eCommerce operate their marketing business from home offices in two different cities. When COVID-19 hit, they worked overtime to help small business owners tap into the online shopping boom. 

Connect, collaborate and co-create

Serial entrepreneur, Karyn Parkinson, and ADMA award-winning digital marketer, Megan Winter, were both running their own businesses when they met at a conference in Hawaii. Soon afterwards, the digital marketing specialists decided to join forces, launching Unstoppable eCommerce in 2019, despite living 2,500km apart.

With a mission to help small businesses increase their online sales, the winners of the 2019 Xero Award for Emerging Small Business of the Year run online